Deadpool themed fightstick, 8x Silver Metallic Sanwa OBS 30 pushbuttons, 3 Silver Metallic Sanwa OBS 24mm Buttons, 1 12mm Clicky pushbutton for touchpad, Sanwa JLF, Sanwa Silver Metallic Balltop, Brook Universal Fightboard, Hand drawn original artwork by Clay Patterson,  Durable Sword Handles out the back of the case.

Deadpool Fightstick

  • There are no full refunds issued on fightstick orders. Partial refund up to 50% of full price may be possible. In the unlikely event that something should quit working, or if something breaks, Fightstick Guy will replace/repair any problems at no labor costs. The customer will need to compensate for the price of parts, should parts need to be replaced.