Custom Art -

 With one of my fightsticks there are two ways to obtain custom artwork:

 1.    Submit artwork of your choosing or have me find one for you that matches the theme and character

        of  your custom build. Artwork of this nature is not factored into the sale of my fightsticks and

        excluding it does not lower purchase price. If you wish to use existing artwork of your choosing,

        simply click the submit art button below and email it to me.

 2.   Clay Patterson can hand draw an original piece of custom artwork that is unlike any other. Clay has

        done many designs for my sticks and has been drawing for many years. His work is second to none! If

        you want artwork of your favorite character in a pose that there is not picture of, Clay can draw it.

        Or if you want to have a pic of yourself on your stick in a kick ass pose drawn in comic book style,

        He is your guy! Click the link here to access Clays site and see samples of his work.